Enclosure mentalities: safety, information

11 Apr 2022

Enclosure mentalities worldview

Weltanschauung. SOURCE: whydoirock.com

Seeing nature through enclosure mentalities

View of Papegaaiberg Rhenosterveld. SOURCE: Hendler, own photo

Seeing our suburb through enclosure mentalities

Road to mountain outside the Fence. SOURCE: Hendler, own photo

The location of the Fence suggests that nature conservation is not a reason for the Fence. The service road in the cemetery runs on the other side of the Fence in Bokmakierie Street. And there are several other entry points to the Papegaaiberg. Until they cordon off the entire Papegaaiberg, dumping can continue.

Rather, on a close reading of the Committee’s responses, the reason for the fence is protection from dangerous strangers. Nevertheless, the second meeting with the ward commitee member clarified that the Fence is part of a long-term plan to enclose the Papegaaiberg. The 2006 Papegaaiberg Spatial Development Plan indicates fencing only on the Western Edges of the mountain. Running up to and enclosing the cemetery. Apparently the plan now is to enclose the entire mountain with the Fence.

Fearful ‘self’ enclosure mentality

In an early mail shot on this issue I referred to Rabbi Hillel’s injunction not only to think of one’s self. But also of the ‘other’. This ethical philosophy is captured in the Questions: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” This also raises the question of who, or what, is the ‘self’?

The Fence represents a ‘self’ fearful of unknown criminals with violent intentions. And also of destructive individuals who dump on the mountain. And illegally hunt game there. The logic of this Fence is to enclose what is precious against a dangerous world out there. Already, the workmen have dug in 40 cm of mesh under the ground under the fence. This will make it difficult for outsiders to get in by burrowing. To ensure they can’t climb over the top, workmen cleared a buffer zone of bush on the immediate outside of the Fence. But there are several trees quite close to the Fence.

Seeing through 'security' of enclosure mentalities

Trees nearby the fence. SOURCE: Hendler, own photo.

Resist enclosure mentalities

Exhortation to speak out. SOURCE: crcna.org


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