Funding Community Projects

Funding Community Projects

Little Givers Creche and Kindergarten

Stellenbosch Transparency is running a funding campaign for a non profit family company Caring and Learning Development (C&LD). C&LD’s Vision is upliftment of the homeless communities in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch.  To achieve this C&LD currently provides a creche and kindergarten (“Little Givers”) to care for the children of these communities. It is also planning an after-school care programme and an enterprise development project to support livelihoods.

C&LD project organogram

The Devon Valley homeless communities live in two informal settlements, mainly in wendy houses, near the municipal dump on the edge of the Devon Valley Road.

The less fortunate amongst these communities live without shelter, sleeping under the trees and (at night) under the stars, The cold and wet Stellenbosch winter days and nights pose a lethal threat to their physical survival. The child of one of these couples lives with a relative in the informal settlements referred to above.

In the midst of this devastation, Little Givers provides a sanctuary for the vulnerable children, and a creative and stimulating environment. This is necessary to provide a foundation for active citizen engagement with society, as opposed to criminal violence.

Homeless peoples informal settlements, Devon Valley

Where people are living in the open, without even informal shelter 

Children in Little Givers class …..