Funding Community Projects

Funding Community Projects

Little Givers Creche and Kindergarten

In 2020 Chriselene, Harold and Andrea Davids thought their community needed a creche and a kindergarten. Then they founded a non profit family company Caring and Learning Development (C&LD). Now there are 15 toddlers and six infants attending the creche and kindergarten. This project is called ‘Little Givers’, and is located in Devon Valley Stellenbosch.

Creche and kindergarten sign at the premises in Stellenbosch

The sign announcing the Little Givers creche and kindergarten

The toddlers and infants are the children of homeless people living in Devon Valley. Little Givers requires funding support to sustain Chriselene’s good work in Early Childhood Development (ECD), assisted by her teacher Renecia Fortuin. Click on their pictures below to listen to them talking about their experiences and visions for the future.

ECD can play an important function in laying the basis for the future development of the child.

The Davids family come from the community and work for the community. They have a vision. Through the C&LD non-proft company they want to provide after care to assist the schoolchildren of the unemployed in Devon Valley.

C&LD has a constitution. It is registered with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission. It has a three-year business plan.  To view these company documents click on the buttons below.