Funding Community Projects

Funding Community Projects

Little Givers Creche and Kindergarten

Background detail of the children currently attending the creche and kindergarten, who require financial support with fees.

Aidan Schreuder, 4 years

Aidan and his twin brother Haygan are the sons of Amy Schreuder and Fabian Jones, both of whom are working. Amy is a single parent. She and the children share part of a house in Idas Valley, with the children’s grandmother. The grandmother rents the premises from another family who own it.

  • Aidan is very talented but struggles with speech and is very shy and withdrawn.
  • He needs a lot of attention.
  • He is often sick, even to the extent that he has to be hospitalised.
  • he finds it difficult to cope with pressure.

Riley Storm, 2 years

Riley is the daughter of Daleen Storm, a single parent. Daleen works alone and lives with  her mother and father on a Devon Valley farm, Weltevreden. Daleen regularly pays the school fees. Sometimes Riley lives with her father in an informal settlement on the outskirts of the farm.

  • Riley has much academic talent.
  • She needs physical and cognitive attention to facilitate her individual development.
  • She is often confused about belonging – either to the mother or to the father.

Tamaira Julius, 2 years

Tamaira is the daughter of Bridgette Julius and Teechno, who are both working. Tamaira lives in a house in Cloetesville with her mother (a single parent) and her grandparents. Her grandfather is a cleaner at the Devon Valley Primary School and brings her through to the kindergarten every morning.

  • She needs physical and cognitive attention to facilitate her development, but she is progressing.
  • She is able to multi-task but unable to focus for any length of time.
  • She wants to talk and likes to write.
  • She expresses confusion about different disciplines between that applied in the kindergarten and at home.

Uegenay Goliath, 3 yrs

Uegenay lives with her mother, Lee-ann, in a shack at the larger informal settlement near the Devon Valley dump. Lee-ann is a single parent and has temporary work. Uegenay’s father has the SASSA card and payment of fees are dependent on him.

  • Uegenay needs physical and emotional support. Although she is making progress and developing, for her age she is not at the level of development that she’s supposed to be.
  • She is often very sick with colds – she therefore is often absent from class.
  • She is not spontaneously interactive.
  • She is emotionally fragile.
  •  She often goes hungry.

Carli Goeieman, 2 years

Carli is the daughter of Lucretia and Reagan Goeieman, both working and living with Reagan’s parents who occupy a house on a farm in Devon Valley. Lucretia, Reagan and Carli live in a wendy house behind the main brick house.

  • Carli is developing positively, she listens attentively and can express herself in full sentences.
  • She is able to carry out instructions.
  • But she needs physical and cognitive support as well as individual attention and development support.

Liam Marconi, 2 years

Liam is the son of Amy and Leonard Marconi, both working. Amy is a single parent. They all live in a house with Leonard’s parents on a farm in Devon Valley.

  • Liam is a very clever and an optimistic, positive child (“Happy Chappy”).
  • Nevertheless, he needs physical attention and development support.
  • He struggles with abstraction, speech and can’t complete full sentences.
  • He has difficulty under pressure and often reacts with outbursts of anger when he feels pressure.

Jevonte Sylvester, 4 years

Jevonte is the daughter of Chardene & Jason Sylvester, both working – they are employed on the farm Louisville, in Devon Valley, They all live with Chardene’s parents in a farm house at Louisville.

  • She has improved since attending the creche, but:
  • There is still place for  development improvement.
  • She needs practical attention with special exercises.
  • She is colour blind.
  • One has to repeat instructions for her.

Bernecia Smith, 3 years

Bernecia is the daughter of Sunaya and and Benito Smith. Benito is working and the family lives in a house in Idas Valley.

  • Bernecia is spontaneous and very talkative with her friends.
  • However, she is also withdrawn during class exercises.
  • Thus, she needs physical, attention and development support (specifically through fine and gross motor exercises).
  • She is an observer, i.e. she listens, but seldom reacts with own initiative during class exercises.

Grace Piedt, 4 years

Grace is the daughter of Ashlin and Shane Piedt, both of whom are working and they all live in a house in Eerste Rivier.

  • Grace needs support for her physical and emotional development.
  • She struggles with speech, but is very intelligent.
  • She also struggles with controlling her bowel movements and needs toilet training.

Neveah Daniels, 4 years

Neveah is the daughter of Mariana & Denovan Daniels, who are both working. They all live together in a house in Idas Valley, that the parents have bought.

  • Neveah Daniels is an intelligent child with good fine and gross motor skills.
  • However, she struggles in her emotional development.
  • She easily gets frustrated.
  • Because she comes from a difficult home environment she finds security at Little Givers.

Haygan Schreuder, 4 years

Haygan is the twin brother of Aidan, sons of Jamy and Fabian Schreuder, who are both working. Haygan and his brother live in a house with their mother who is a single parents and who receives social grants in respect of having two young children.

  • Haygan struggles with speech development.
  • He also need a lot of physical attention in the form of supervised gross and fine motor exercises.
  • He shows signs of being scared to take initiative.

Joenecia Cameron Jacobs, 3 years

Joenecia’s father passed way in April 2022. Her mother, Aneen Cameron is a single parent who has work and who lives in a shack in the informal settlement near the municipal dump. Aneen has four children with four different fathers.

  • Joenecia is very intelligent but can be quite manipulative.
  • She needs physical, cognitive and emotional support for her  development.
  • She is often absent from the creche.
  • When she does attend classes it is usually in order to get something to eat.

Talia Jacobs, 3 years

Talia is the daughter of Amber Jacobs, a single parent.  Amber is working temporarily and lives in a shack with her mother (Talia’s grandmother) in the settlement located close to the Devon Valley municipal dump.

  • Talia is very outspoken and friendly (a “Happy Chappy”).
  • But she needs physical attention – she is often sick and absent from class.
  • Due to her father’s absence and lack of family structure, she needs family support development.
  • She struggles with fine and gross motor skills.

Raywin Williams, 5 years

Raywin lives in a shack on a farm in Devon Valley, with his grandparents. His parents are Marina and Elrick Williams. Marina is unemployed, and pregnant.

  • Raywin is a lovely child with a heart of gold.
  • He has a strong will.
  • He says what he thinks and does things his way.
  •  However, he is not properly toilet-trained.
  • He displays laziness due to having little if any parental supervision and support.
  • He has an extreme speech problem manifested through stuttering.

Nivahn Snell, 3 years


Nivahn is the son of Shaan Snell, a single parent. They live with Shaan’s mother (Nivahn’s grandmother) in Devon Valley in a shack situated behind a brick house near to the Stellenbosch municipal dump.

  • Nivahn’s home environment is characterised by the strong influence of his grandmother and the poor influence of his mother, which likely confuses him.
  • This arises from the fact that he is very close to his mother.
  • His confusion manifests in his being very emotional at the creche and also manipulative.
  • He has mood swings from being jovial (i.e. joking) to lying.
  • He also suffers from stuttering.

Teagan Vehn, 4 years

Teagan is the daughter of Leandra Petersen and Edgar Vehn. Her parents are separated. She lives with her father  in a brick house near the larger settlement near the municipal dump.

  • Teagan is grown up for her age and is aware of conflict between adults.
  •  She is emotionally expressive in free play, but not so during class exercises.
  • She is obsessive about cleanliness.
  • Her teachers are concerned about her development.

Rosnique Abrahams, 3 years

Rosnique is the daughter of Rosaline Abrahams and lives with her father Ronnie (Ronald) and her great great grandfather (84) in a wendy house in the larger settlement near the municipal dump. Her brother and sister also live in the wendy house which accommodates more than 15 people in two rooms.

  • Her teachers think that she can develop into an intelligent and clever child, but home support is a prerequisite.
  • Currently she lacks cognitive intellectual and emotional skills.
  • She struggles to focus on and complete tasks assigned to her.
  • She doesn’t talk much and when, she swears a lot.

Jevontea Davids, 3 years

Jevontea is the daughter of Antlea Davids and Johnlin Visagie. They live together in a  room in a backyard structure in Idas Valley. Johnlin is employed but took Jevontea out of the creche due to not being able to afford the fees. However the teachers would dearly like to have her back.

  • She is cognitively advanced.
  • She is emotionally stable.
  • As the past year was her first experience of a structured educational environment there was space for improvement.

Caylim Herwell, 3 years

Caylim is the son of a single parent, Chyristeline Herwell. They live with his grandparents on  a farm in Vlottenburg. The grandmother and grandfather assist with the school fees.

  • Caylim learns quickly in a group (which is a very positive development) but “freezes” when individual initiative is required.
  • He is a good observer.
  • He needs a lot of physical attention through gross and fine motor exercises.
  • He is often emotionally “somewhere else”, possibly because of an absent father.